Volunteering with ROC EV

Volunteering with ROC EV is a fun and unique way to get involved in your community while promoting exciting, energy-efficient, high-performance electric vehicles (EVs)! Our volunteers believe in our mission and donate their time because they believe in a future with reduced oil dependence, cleaner air, and amazing cars! We encourage you to volunteer at one of our upcoming Ride and Drives, spend time with a group of fun and motivated individuals, and become part of this important grassroots initiative!

Here’s what one ROC EV volunteer said about their experience: “When I first volunteered with the ROC EV team, I immediately felt a connection to the energy of the events and the enthusiasm that the rest of the team had, but I knew very little about EVs. After I began volunteering, I found myself researching EV technology and learning about all the amazing advances these vehicles have made and continue to make. EVs were a new experience for me, and it has been exhilarating to learn about new things like public charging networks, how to charge an EV at home, and the benefits of going electric—like a quiet cabin and high-torque motor. After my first drive, I realized how easy it is to become an advocate for EVs, and why so many in our community are passionate about spreading the message.”

Volunteers at ROC EV Ride and Drive events perform a variety of roles to educate community members about the benefits of driving electric, dispel common myths, and provide fun and relaxing test drives. These are some of the specific roles that our volunteers perform:

Co-pilot: Ride with participants and help familiarize them with the EV they are driving and EVs in general. Provide car specific information, such as range, pricing, and available financial incentives. This is a great role for current EV-owners! We encourage you to share your day-to-day experience of owning and operating an EV.

Table Staff: Welcome event attendees, guide Ride and Drive participants through the completion of their pre-drive surveys, and direct people to their vehicle and co-pilot. Ensure drivers complete a post-drive survey on the iPads provided. By filling out this survey, guests are helping ROC EV gauge the community’s perceptions of electric vehicles.

Photographer/Videographer: Take photos and videos at our events for use in social media and promotional materials. Include footage of volunteers and event attendees interacting, people driving during test drives, etc.

Volunteer Recruitment/Training: One of the most valuable roles you can play for our program is spreading our message and encouraging those you know to volunteer with us. We continually need more volunteers to support the many events we host. Our volunteers are a quickly growing community who find that being involved with ROC EV is a fun and enriching experience where they gain valuable knowledge and make a meaningful and positive impact on their local community! Gather your friends for a good cause and help us get more great people involved!

We have lots of upcoming events this summer and fall, and we encourage you to become involved in our program! Whether you’re interested in learning more about electric vehicles, test driving them for yourself, or getting out and volunteering with a unique, local grassroots initiative, come volunteer with ROC EV.

Visit our volunteer page and sign up today!