ROC EV is an innovative, community-wide initiative aimed at achieving widespread deployment of plug-in EVs. By developing innovative public-private partnerships, a comprehensive EV ecosystem, and cultivating strong community involvement, ROC EV will promote and support widespread EV ownership for individuals, families, businesses, and commercial vehicle fleets throughout greater Rochester. The effort will demonstrate all of the social, economic, and health benefits communities can reap by increasing adoption of EVs.

ROC EV was launched in mid 2017 by the Electrification Coalition (EC) with support from the following principal partners: The City of Rochester, Greater Rochester Clean Cities, Energetics Incorporated, EV Charge Solutions, and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The EC oversaw the program’s operations from it’s launch through the end of 2018.

ROC EV is now administered by the The City of Rochester and Greater Rochester Clean Cities. Critical support is also provided by all of the partners listed on our Partners & Supporters page.



About The City of Rochester

Rochester combines small-town accessibility with big-city services. Amidst some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States, residents enjoy a housing market known for great bargains, short commute times, world-class cultural and entertainment offerings and a fast-growing innovation economy poised to thrive in the 21st century.


About Greater Rochester Clean Cities

The Greater Rocheter Clean Cities coalition is part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program. The objectives of thecoalition are to reduce dependency on imported petroleum and improve air quality through development of fleets of alternative fueled vehicles and supporting infrastructure.


About The Electrification Coalition

Electrification Coalition logoThe Electrification Coalition is a nonpartisan, non-profit group of business leaders committed to promoting policies and actions that reduce America’s dependence on oil by facilitating the deployment of electric vehicles on a mass scale. The members of the Electrification Coalition are leaders of companies representing the entire value chain of an electrified transportation system.


About Energetics Incorporated

Energetics Incorporated is a full-service technology and management consulting firmserving public- and private-sector clients. They develop and manage effective research, development, and information programs in the fields of energy, manufacturing, climate and environment, infrastructure protection, security and resilience, and metrology.


About New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, known as NYSERDA, promotes energy efficiency and the use of renewableenergy sources. NYSERDA’s efforts aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate economic growth, and reduce customer energy bills.


About EV Charge Solutions

EV Charge Solutions is dedicated to providing the best Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and services in the industry. They work with clients from the design stage through installation, as well as funding assistance, permitting, signage, training and maintenance after the sale.