EV Enthusiast of the Month: Georgina and Patrick Ho

Eager to get behind the wheel of the newest electric vehicle (EV) from Tesla? After a slower-than-anticipated rollout of their newest offering, Tesla is beginning to fulfill Model 3 orders all across the country. Deliveries began on the west coast and worked their way east, so New Yorkers hoping to get their hands on one had some of the longest wait times. But for some, the wait is finally over!

To make it even more enticing, Governor Cuomo launched the Drive Clean Rebate last year which provides a rebate of up to $2,000 for New York residents who want to purchase or lease a new electric car from participating dealers. There are more than 40 types of cars eligible for rebates, including Tesla’s Model 3.

ROC EV recently spoke with Georgina and Patrick Ho, two of the first Rochester area residents to take delivery of the new Model 3. We asked Patrick about his first impressions and his decision to buy the car.

Different car buyers decide to make the switch to an EV for different reasons. Patrick made the switch to driving electric in 2016 when he purchased a Tesla Model S. His reasons included the allure of having a high tech vehicle, the instant torque and incredible acceleration, the environmental benefits, and the money he could save on gasoline. Georgina loved these aspects of his Model S, but wanted a smaller vehicle with a more modest amount of power and acceleration. The Model 3 was the perfect fit!

One of the most talked-about design decisions of the Model 3 is the minimalist interior. Some have mixed feelings about the lack of an instrument cluster and that virtually all of the car’s controls are located on a single central touchscreen. Georgina is very happy with the design. She enjoys the additional visibility out the windshield afforded by the lack of an instrument cluster and found it easy to adjust to the speed being displayed on the centrally-positioned touchscreen. Both Patrick and Georgina are very pleased with the design of the Model 3, inside and out. They were also pleasantly surprised that the Model 3 blocks out road noise even better than the Model S!

Many people are convinced to make the switch to an EV after getting behind the wheel of one for the first time. This is because EVs are just more fun to drive than gasoline-powered cars. Quick, effortless acceleration, a dramatically quieter interior, an ideal center of gravity, and a mix of high-tech features make for a genuinely different and more enjoyable driving experience. According to Patrick, the Model 3 exemplifies all of these appealing qualities and improves on many of the standard EV benefits. He also remarked on how the pure electric experience of the Model 3 far exceeds his experience with plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Despite major improvements in battery technology and EV range, many are still reluctant to make the switch to an EV due to “range anxiety.” Patrick and Georgina opted for the extended range version of the Model 3 which offers 310 miles of range on a full charge. They said that this level of range more or less eliminates all range anxiety, even on long trips!

Patrick offered these following final thoughts on their all-electric lifestyle: “The Tesla experience is so easy to fall in love with. Having driven an all-electric vehicle for a couple of years I am convinced that the time has finally come for this new mode of transportation. The end of gasoline-powered vehicles has already begun and is well on its way. It will take time, but the trend is clear.”

If you’re still patiently (or not!) waiting for your turn to purchase a Model 3, things are looking brighter. Tesla delivered more than 8,000 of the vehicle in the first quarter of this year. This marks significant progress from the previous quarter. Plus, these delivery numbers made the Model 3 the best selling EV in the country! Hopefully many Rochester area Model 3 reservation holders won’t have to wait much longer for their new EV!